Private Policy

Our Company will follow complete rules and regulations in this home appliance business field actually if the consumer has facing the problem with his microwave oven and he will not get working conditions of that oven ontime. So at that time customer want best service center who can solve issues of that oven in a very easy way at a reasonable price cost.

So here consumer will try for best service providers in online search, then our Ad has been shown and he will visit our website and read well about our features then he will decide to give complaint by contacting our company phone numbers . Then at that time he will get conversation with our customer care executives regarding his microwave oven problems and our customer care staff will give immediate response for the consumers and take complaint details by registering and giving job sheet number to the consumers .

Then our guys will tell about our offers and how we provide services and how much of service charges will be taken like if consumers has given the complaint and for that visiting charges will be taken up to Rs.200/- and as well as service charges will be taken up to Rs.300/-then all these details will be sent to the Microwave Oven Expert technician if consumer agree for giving above service charges .

Then our company technicians will go to the home of Consumers after taking his details like Problem of Microwave Oven, Residential Address, Landmark, Alternate Phone Numbers, then he will check that product even it may be any brand and easily check and explain the exact problem of that oven and how it will be get rectified and which spare parts should replace and etc details will be briefly explained to the consumers as well as how much of cost will be charged .

Then if consumer has agreed to that above service charges to give then our technicians will provide services by replacing the new spare parts for that oven which is necessary that new spare parts charges will be taken separately by our technician then consumers get problems fixed by our best expert team.  

Note: If you have any doubts regarding our services or any spare parts replacing issues just call our company phone Numbers which are given Below  company working hours Mon – Sat : 9am – 7pm.

Ph: 7997950264 , 9177744460 .

Microwave Oven Spare Parts:

Main Control PCB Board , Magnetron, Keypad, Turn Table, Diameter Coupler, Ceramic Fuse, Transformer, Motor, Thicker plates, Turn table Glass Tray, Oven Guide Cover Sheet, Fan Motor, Couplings, Outer Door Glass.